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Collecting with a focus on reuse and circularity

Today together for tomorrow!

Social and sustainable collecting e-waste

In the Netherlands, a lot of waste electrical and electronic equipment, abbreviated to WEEE, also known as e-waste, is discarded.  Every year, we collect 50 million kilos of WEEE throughout the Netherlands. We collect from electronics shops and from recycling centres or thrift shops. We sort the collected e-waste at our seven social sorting centres throughout the Netherlands.  If devices cannot be reused, they will be forwarded to specialist recycling companies. They then process the devices into metals and plastics. We collect e-waste on behalf of Stichting OPEN, in accordance with the obligations for producer responsibility.

We do it differently!

Sustainability, circularity and practical service are our top priorities. For example, our trucks are CO2-neutral and we take into account the wishes of our collection points in our planning. In addition, we are starting initiatives to reuse e-waste. We do all this together with reliable and socially involved partners.

Sheltered employment: good for people

We create opportunities for people who find it difficult to find work and who are socially marginalised. You can thrive in an environment with colleagues, where you are appreciated and where you can find structure. Right now, more than 150 people with poor job prospects are working for us. They work as co-drivers on the collection vehicles, in one of the regional sorting centres or are otherwise involved in our recycling activities.

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Municipal recycling centres as an indispensable link

  • A familiar collection point for more than 20 million kilos of old electronics every year.
  • Schools and municipalities are working with us to make children aware of e-waste and circularity.
  • Our means of collection are professional and recognisable. Which is how we like it.
  • And a promise is a promise: we collect e-waste on the scheduled day.

Our regional sorting centres make the difference

  • regional impact on circularity
  • more than 150 paid participation jobs
  • successful transition to regular work
  • significant contribution to sheltered employment and circularity
  • reuse of more than 30,000 devices per year

Fine-tuned collection at shops (retail), but different

  • 490 shops are provided with a full-service solution for returned old electronics.
  • We also collect the polystyrene packing foam (EPS).
  • We drive CO2-neutral as our trucks run on sustainable biofuel. Our partner in this is Get2Green
  • Our planning is flexible and we adapt it to your wishes.

Together with municipalities and schools: the E-waste Race

  • Pupils from 18 different municipalities collect more than 250,000 old appliances every year.
  • Fun to participate in! Pupils, teachers and family go for sustainability.
  • This leads to positive behavioural changes and increased awareness.
  • Research shows lasting awareness among participants

Collaboration with thrift shops: good for people and the environment

  • We offer a helping hand to help more people find work.
  • The thrift shop is a friendly and helpful collection point.
  • Together we promote the recycling and reuse of electrical appliances.
  • Great logistical collaboration with thrift shop Rataplan. Curious? Read more

Retail chain distribution centres: a practical approach

  • You don’t have to worry about planning, so that’s one worry less.
  • You can always call our logistics help desk for questions or in case of unforeseen circumstances.
  • We take care of the removal of EPS packaging waste.
  • We offer advice on the laws and regulations surrounding WEEE.

4,2 mln kiloe-waste/mnth



40.000 m3EPS/yr

Collection in numbers

Every month, we organise the collection of around 4.2 million kilos of e-waste. That’s more than 50 million kilos per year! More than 150 employees work in the various sorting centres to sort all e-waste. We are proud to be able to create sheltered workplaces for so many people. And to encourage more collection, we organise the annual E-waste Race: 4,500 children have already collected many kilos of old equipment. Also good to know: every year, we collect about 40,000 cubic metres of polystyrene foam. And that huge amount is used through EPS Nederland to make new insulation boards. And that’s how we complete the circle.


E-waste race makes children aware of e-waste

Sustainability and a circular economy. That’s something we really like to make our children aware of! We do this by means of an educational programme called E-waste race. A race between schools to collect as much electronic waste as possible from people in the neighbourhood.

Frequently asked questions about collection of electronics

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