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Together today for tomorrow: we are a social enterprise!

Impact first

We’re a company that puts social value first. That’s why we also feel at home at Social Enterprise NL, a driver of social entrepreneurs. We’ve been a member since 2018. We believe that we have a social mission and this is reflected in our policy and business operations.

Accelerator of a circular economy

The world around us is changing and we have to deal with our waste differently. No old computer in the attic, keeping a broken vacuum cleaner in the back of storage or dumping a refrigerator in the bushes. We promote the collection of discarded electrical appliances. And we ensure that either they are returned to the market in the form of a suitable raw material or that the refurbished appliance is reused. To do this, we bring various sustainable companies together and work with them seamlessly and enthusiastically. This way, we contribute to creating a circular economy.

Sheltered employment: good for people

We create opportunities for people who find it difficult to find work and who are socially marginalised. You can thrive in an environment with colleagues, where you are appreciated and where you can find structure. Right now, more than 150 people with poor job prospects are working for us. They work as co-drivers on the collection vehicles, in one of the regional sorting centres or are otherwise involved in our recycling activities.


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Do you have a question?

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