Rataplan: the best and largest thrift shop chain

Rataplan is a thrift shop chain with dozens of shops in the provinces of North Holland, South Holland, Gelderland and Flevoland. This makes it the largest chain in the Netherlands. And, according to them, the best! It’s an independent, non-profit foundation that aims to create opportunities for both people and the environment. We enjoy working with them.

Not a mile too far

Together with Rataplan, we developed an internal collection network for all e-waste. Rataplan takes care of the internal transport: they collect the e-waste at their smaller thrift shops on their trips to the main branches. On the way back, they then have room for new second-hand items to fill their shop. We then take care of the removal of all e-waste from their main branches to the regional sorting centre. This way, we avoid many unnecessary transport kilometres, while the collection is organised well.

Thrift shops are an important link in the electronics chain…

Many thrift shops in a municipality are, beside the recycling centres, the most important collection point for discarded goods. In some municipalities, they have even taken over the role of collection points. We then collect the discarded appliances in our collection containers.

 … also as a repairer and seller of refurbished appliances

Often, a device can still be reused if you know how to repair it. The thrift shop takes in old appliances and assesses which ones qualify for reuse. Many thrift shops have small repair departments, where they perform basic repairs on devices. They often also facilitate the local branch of Repair Cafe to facilitate residents’ access to repairs. In addition, through our recycling partners, we can supply refurbished appliances for sale. This way, we jointly contribute to a circular economy. Would you like to know more about our recycling partners and refurbished appliances? Read more

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