Collection from major electronics chains

Are you a retailer of a large electronics chain? Then you know better than anyone else how quickly old equipment starts piling up in your storage. And how to get rid of this without disrupting your primary processes? When dealing with these volumes of waste, we make it as easy as possible for you as a retailer. We already do this for Coolblue and PostNL.

Regional and national depots

Where to get rid of all that waste? To this end, we set up a recycling centre at your own depot: a few smart containers where you can dispose of the various discarded devices. In addition to e-waste, we also take polystyrene foam with us, which is a popular packaging material for electronics. To this end, we work with EPS Netherlands. Read more

Fewer kilometres = fewer emissions

At the depot, you need to pre-sort the e-waste. This ensures that no further sorting is necessary at our own regional sorting centres and allows us to immediately transport the waste to the recycler. We also advise you on the most effective way to load the containers. This way, we prevent unnecessary transport kilometres.

Advice on WEEE and waste legislation

As a knowledge centre, we are on hand in the event of checks or audits by regional or national enforcement bodies and you can ask us for advice on WEEE and other waste legislation. Do you collect e-waste across the Dutch border? In that case, we’ll advise and guide you in drawing up the correct internal and external procedures.

Practical and easy

Our logistics solutions are practical and the associated administration is straight-forward. Do you have questions or do you need to adjust something in the schedule? Our logistics planning can be contacted every working day! The e-waste continues its way through our social chain for further processing. You’ll receive a collection and sorting allowance through the Stichting OPEN producer collective.

Do you have a question about collection?

Do you have a question about collection?

Feel free to contact us!