Polystyrene foam take-back: a welcome service

Polystyrene foam (EPS) is almost weightless, but does take up a lot of space. Many new appliances are packaged with EPS to protect against damage. But this subsequently creates a difficult and expensive type of waste for retailers. We offer retailers an extra service if we collect e-waste from them: we take the EPS along with the e-waste. A welcome service!

Trading in washing machines and refrigerators is great, but the amount of packaging material involved is staggering! Polystyrene foam is causing exceptional problems, because it takes up an enormous amount of storage space. That’s why we’re so happy with Weee: not only do they collect all the discarded white goods, they always take the polystyrene foam away as well. That saves a lot of space, hassle and money.

White goods retailer

EPS Netherlands gives the polystyrene foam a new lease of life

We work together with EPS Netherlands for the collection and processing of polystyrene foam. This organisation collects the EPS from the Regional Sorting Centres. The material is then sorted and processed in Drachten. The unique material structure is preserved, so you can immediately use the original raw material (EPS) in new products.

From waste to insulation board

Polystyrene foam is available in all shapes and sizes, including varying diversity and qualities. For example, the packaging of a washing machine offers a higher compressive strength than that of a mobile phone. EPS Netherlands ensures all these different packaging are given a new lease of life as a raw material after use. The raw material is used in the production of insulation boards (XPS boards). This is made by the parent company of EPS Netherlands, Soprema, for the insulation of buildings. XPS panels offer extremely high insulation values.

And that completes the circle

We collect waste that is difficult to collect while maintaining a high level of financial efficiency. We use this to replace a large volume of virgin raw materials for the manufacturing of high-quality new products. A great step within the circular economy.

Do you have a question about collection?

Do you have a question about collection?

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