Collection at shops: easy and correct

With every device sold, you as a retailer take back the old appliance from the buyer (the ‘old-for-new’ arrangement). If you deliver the new equipment to people’s homes, you also take the packaging material back with you after installation. Most shops have been doing this for years as part of their customer service. How does the discarded equipment and packaging waste reach the sorting centre? We make that as easy as possible for you as a shopkeeper!

Easy and fast

  • Each collection vehicle is operated by 2 members of staff. As a shopkeeper, you don’t have to carry anything yourself.
  • Do you have questions or do you need to adjust something in the schedule? Our logistics planning can be contacted every working day!
  • Everything we collect, we record and report digitally. Immediately after collection, you will receive an e-mail with an overview of what we have collected. You will receive all corresponding fees from Stichting OPEN per month.
  • We also collect the polystyrene foam for you.

Good for people and the environment

  • Our logistics partner, Get2Green, drives CO2-neutral trucks that run on biodiesel made from waste materials.
  • The regional sorting centre employs people with poor job prospects. Read more [link to case RSC Amsterdam]
  • Devices that can be reused are given a new lease of life. We do this together with various partners such as Holland Circulair, Kristal and Refurn. (links underneath to cases Holland Circulair / Kristal / Refurn)
  • Our cooperation partner, EPS Netherlands, processes the polystyrene foam into insulation boards for homes, i.e. completely circular. Read more


Do you have a question about collection?

Do you have a question about collection?

Feel free to contact us!