Municipal recycling centres as an indispensable link

The municipal recycling centre is the centre of waste separation in every municipality. The recycling centre is also an important collection point for the collection of e-waste.

Fire safety, smart containers and adequate drainage

You can find our closed containers with various smaller bins, the so-called IBC containers in the recycling centres. Large devices can be set apart on one side of the container. The bins are for smaller equipment and flat TV screens. This way, we prevent the spontaneous ignition of batteries and flat TV screens from breaking.  Employees of our cooperation partner PreZero ensure adequate collection of containers on the agreed dates.

Devices are given a new lease of life in the thrift shop

The recycling centre also plays a leading role in the field of reuse. Many recycling centres have a special container for reusable devices. They do this in collaboration with local thrift shops. Win-win! Because the more products we reuse, the fewer new raw materials are needed. And that’s good for our planet and for us.

Sheltered workshops in regional sorting centres

We take the collected e-waste to one of the regional sorting centres. Here, people with poor job prospects are given the opportunity to participate in the labour market again. Together with the municipal organisations and the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV), we ensure that dozens of people re-integrate and move on each year. This is how we make municipal waste policy social and circular in the region. Read more [link to case RSC A’dam]

Involving children in e-waste and collection

Pupils from schools are involved in the municipal collection process by organising e-waste races. In doing so, pupils are made aware and inspired about proper e-waste collection and circularity in a fun way. The pupils, in turn, encourage their families and neighbourhoods to hand in more. Read more

Do you have a question about collection?

Do you have a question about collection?

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