White goods a new lease of life? Great idea!

Not everyone can afford a new refrigerator or washing machine. In that case, a high-quality refurbished machine offers a solution. It’s also a major contribution to a better environment, because raw materials and energy are saved. We’re happy to facilitate this type of reuse!

Like new with a small repair

Some of the devices we collect require only a small repair. This way, we can give good quality machines a new lease of life. This despite the high wage costs in the Netherlands for technical people.

Cooperation partner Holland Circulair

Our partner Holland Circulair operates a repair and testing facility for white goods in Boxtel. Expertly trained people ensure that previously discarded equipment starts a new life: refrigerators, washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers.

The social and circular economy in practice

Thrift shops or white goods outlets then go on to sell the equipment. This way, refurbished devices find a new owner, who get their hands on a high-quality machine for a modest price.

Do you have a question about reuse?

Do you have a question about reuse?

Feel free to contact us!