Refurbished televisions

Dexterity promotes reuse

There is at least one in every living room: a television. But not everyone can afford a new set. In that case, a high-quality refurbished television offers a solution. It’s also a major contribution to a better environment, because raw materials and energy are saved. We’re happy to facilitate this type of reuse!

Like new with a small repair

Some of the televisions we collect require only a small repair. Often only a capacitor on the printed circuit board in the television has blown. In that case, replacing this capacitor suffices. This way, we can give good quality devices a new lease of life. This despite the high wage costs in the Netherlands for technical people.

Cooperation partner Kristal Recycling

Our partner Kristal Recycling specialises in the professional repair of televisions. Thanks to his technical training, owner Besmellah Rahimi can often easily find out where the problems in a device have arisen.

Devices only have a limited number of weak parts that often break. By testing and replacing them, 80% of devices can be used again.

Besmalla Rahimi - eigenaar Kristal Recycling

The circular economy in practice

If a repair is not possible, the printed circuit board can often be used to repair another one. And other parts are sold to repair shops in the Netherlands and abroad. Kristal supplies refurbished televisions to thrift shops and other outlets.

Do you have a question about reuse?

Do you have a question about reuse?

Feel free to contact us!