Smoke detectors in the house?

Opt for a recycled smoke detector!

Most homes have one: a smoke detector. Just think about how much plastic and electronics that is. By using recycled smoke detectors and sustainable raw materials, we contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable environment. Henk Bos talks about our collaboration with Hemmink.

Reducing CO2 emissions with recycled smoke detectors

“Many companies wonder how they can limit CO2 emissions and contribute to a circular economy,” Henk explains, “You can by handing in your old smoke detectors to us, for example. We ensure that all materials are recycled as effectively as possible: reuse of components or complete parts and saving of raw materials. Because the production of new raw materials generates a lot of CO2 emissions.”

Complete sorting of disposable smoke detectors

Henk: “Because smoke detectors require complete sorting, you promote employment. And because the materials can be used again later, this labour automatically pays itself back in the long run.”

Together you achieve more

Hemmink is an organisation that supplies products, solutions and concepts to the (residential) construction industry. They work from the conviction that everyone has the right to a safe, comfortable and sustainable (living) environment. Hemmink is investigating how they can reuse parts of the old smoke detectors at housing associations. For example, by using the plastic in new installation clips, or by reusing the plastic casing. This way, we jointly contribute to a circular economy.

Housing corporation Talis: 23,000 disposable smoke detectors

One of the organisations that cooperates in the separate collection of smoke detectors is housing association Talis. Due to the new regulation in the Netherlands that prescribes the mandatory use of smoke detectors, the corporation purchased 23,000 new smoke detectors. And if you install new ones, it also means you have to dispose of many old smoke detectors. “We’re talking big volumes,” Johan Janssen of Talis explains. “Raw materials are not eternal and as an organisation, you want to handle them carefully. The initiative to collect the detectors separately is therefore exactly in line with our wishes when it comes to sustainable purchasing.”

Boxes for easy collection

Henk: “We like to make it as easy as possible for companies. That’s why we have made collection boxes available to collect the detectors. When one is full, we pick up the collection box and put an empty one in its place. So from an organisational point of view, it couldn’t be easier.”

Want to know more?

Would you like more information about the separate collection of smoke detectors or about the pilot project of Weee Netherlands and Hemmink? Read more on the site of Hanzestrohm

Do you have a question about collection or reuse?

Do you have a question about collection or reuse?

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