Refurbished charging stations

Recycling charging stations for a circular economy

More and more cars are driven electrically. And with the arrival of electric cars, the demand for charging points is growing throughout the Netherlands. Right now, there are already more than 100,000 charging stations and more are being added every day. With this, a new type of e-waste is growing: discarded charging stations. In collaboration with Refurn [Link: and Vattenfall, we focus on the recycling and reuse of charging stations.

Many discarded charging stations still as good as new

There are two reasons why discarded charging stations are often very suitable for refurbishing:

  1. Many charging stations are discarded because projects have been written off or entire areas are being renovated in a single sweep. In those instances, there’s hardly anything wrong with these charging stations, if anything at all.
  2. Is a charging station not working? It’s often removed and replaced with an entirely new one there and then. This is because there is a shortage of professionals in the workplace.

From discarded to refurbished charging stations

Once discarded charging stations arrive at our regional sorting centres, we hand them over to Refurn. Refurn employees then check what is wrong with the charging station and repair it. If repair is not possible, they remove the remaining good parts to be reused as replacement. As regards charging stations, Refurn works together with Vattenfall, who purchases the charging stations and parts for a new lease of life.

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Do you have a question about refurbished charging stations?

Do you have a question about refurbished charging stations?

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