What's the open scope?

From the 15thof August there are changes to the Regulation on discarded electrical and electronic equipment. There are six categories of electrical and electronic equipment. Some equipment is no longer classified by type, but by size. Finally, more exceptions will come into effect from this date. As a result, more products are generally covered by the regulations (this is called the 'open scope'). This means that all products that contain an electrical or electronic element will from now on be regarded as equipment. Sometimes it is difficult to judge whether products with an electrical or electronic element should be specified as equipment as a whole or that only the electrical element needs to be reported. The Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate published two guidance-documents to determine whether products fall within the scope of legislation: A Guide to the scope and the Guide 'Component'

Definitions (for now) Together with other producer organizations we are in debate with the government to further specify some definitions. Ultimately, the outcomes of these debates are included in the Guides. We also intend to draw up a reference list in which products are linked to the right category.