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WEEE, battery and packaging reports

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Reporting is an obligatory part of the WEEE directive. Every country has a different system, different regulations and often a different language. This makes reporting correctly about your e-waste, batteries and packaging quite complex! However, as a producer or importer you are obliged to do so every month or quarter, to every European country to which you sell. We like to make it as easy as possible for you. With our reporting service!

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Single point of contact

It doesn’t matter how many countries you sell in. With us, you’ll enjoy a single contact person who arranges everything for you. Together we ensure that your administration is set up properly to periodically provide the required sales data for each country. This set-up also depends on the countries in which your company is active. Our reporting service makes providing sales and packaging data easy. Your contact person will handle everything else for you with the partners abroad. After the reports have been received, the various foreign compliance systems will send the invoice to your accounts department.


  •       18 years of experience
  •       over 200 satisfied customers
  •        reports in 30 countries
  •       for e-waste, batteries and packaging


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