WEEE, battery and packaging compliance

Registration with ease

I sell headphones. And business is booming! We now have an opportunity to start conquering the Germany and Belgium markets as well. But what about my producer responsibility in those countries?

That’s a lot to get your head around! Through our webshop, we now sell in 10 European countries, but the regulations are slightly different for each country. I’m more than happy to leave this to another party…

Are you a producer or importer of electrical appliances and do you market these appliances abroad? Then your company must register and report these products to the systems and governments of those countries. You are also responsible for the packaging and for any batteries that are supplied or built-in. How do you arrange that? We are happy to assist you with that.

WEEE directive: The more countries, the more systems

Every country in Europe has its own electronics (WEEE), battery and packaging registration systems. These are compliance schemes. Some countries have one scheme, others have several. Each country and scheme has its own procedures, device categories, financial security terms and costs.

WEEE compliant without worries

Does the mere thought of arranging this give you a headache? We can relieve you of all these laborious tasks. In doing so, we make use of our relations throughout Europe. We use our knowledge and experience to make your producer responsibility abroad compliant.

Would you like to find out more about the Directives for e-waste, batteries and packaging?

Single point of contact

It doesn’t matter how many countries you sell in. With us, you’ll enjoy a single contact person who arranges everything for you. This person requests the information he or she needs from you and arranges all registrations for you. He or she will handle everything else for you with the partners in the other countries.

18+ yearsexperience


200+satisfied customers

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Over 18 years of experience, 200 satisfied customers, registration in 30 countries for e-waste, batteries and packaging.

Periodic reporting after registration

You must submit periodic reports to the collective producer system of the products you have sold, the volume of all batteries and the packaging material you have put on the market. These reports are subject to all kinds of requirements, such as a breakdown of the packaging material into the different types. Would you rather outsource these reports as well? Click here for more information about our reporting service.

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Do you have a question about consultanty?

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