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Are you in compliance with the WEEE directive?

Do you sell electrical appliances across the border, in Europe? Then you are probably by law obliged to comply with the registration of e-waste (also known as the WEEE directive). This usually includes batteries and packaging. Does the small print make you dizzy or do you simply want it to be taken care of? We are happy to help you be compliant! Our team is ready to guide you through the complex laws and regulations.

Your Weee registration taken care of

You must register in every country you sell in. Regulations are complex and differ from country to country. We help you make the Weee registration run easily and smoothly. We do this for 30 countries: all countries of the European Union, Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. And you want it to be taken care of for future sales as well?  We organise both the one-off registration(s) and the periodic report(s) for you.

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WEEE registration and reporting

  • for any device with a plug or battery
  • even if you do not sell directly to the end user
  • also for Internet sales
  • registration and reporting in each individual country

Battery registration and reporting

  • for any built-in or included battery
  • also for button cells
  • registration and reporting in each individual country

Packaging registration and reporting

  • for every packaging around a sold product
  • specification per material, kind and type
  • registration and reporting in each individual country

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Registration of WEEE, batteries and packaging

Whether you sell your electrical equipment in 1 or 30 countries, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll ensure your WEEE, batteries and packaging are properly registered. We have over 18 years of experience in this business. And you’ll enjoy a single point of contact, making life easy for you.

Frequently asked questions about consultancy and advice


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  • What is EPR?

    EPR stands for Extended Producer Responsibility. Are you a producer or importer? Then you are jointly responsible for the collection, sorting and recycling of products. That means responsible for the waste that your product eventually becomes. If you make your product in such a way that it is less polluting during processing, you will pay a lower rate in the future. This way, the government aims to use EPR to promote a circular economy and reduce environmental pollution.

  • How do I know if I should register or not?

    Almost anyone selling appliances abroad must register. This can be sales through wholesalers, retailers, the internet or directly to companies. That applies in every country you sell to. It doesn’t matter how much you sell. Do you want to find out more? Feel free to contact us.

  • Who needs to register: producer or importer?

    Both are possible. Sometimes it is the producer who has to register, sometimes the importer. Or a distributor or a wholesaler. The first company to market the electrical appliance in that specific country is the company that must register. Often, some coordination is needed between the manufacturer and importer about the responsibility. Could you use some advice on this? Contact

  • My device only contains a backup battery. Do I still have to register?

    Yes, you still need to register and report. It doesn’t matter if the device has a power cable as its main source and a battery as backup. This also applies to button cell batteries on printed circuit boards.

  • What should I arrange if I want to sell electric appliances (in other country’s)?

    Then you must register your company with the systems and governments of those countries and report your sales there. You must pay them for the collection of the electric appliances you sell. You are also responsible for the packaging and included or built-in batteries. How do you arrange that? Contact us We are happy to help you!

  • Do refurbished appliances have to be registered?

    Yes, in most cases. If the device was imported from abroad, or discarded as waste by the previous user, you must register the refurbished appliance. If the equipment has never been waste, but you have taken it over, no registration is required. The equipment has not yet been off the market.

  • For which countries can you help me with the registration?

    For all EU countries plus Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. This concerns a total of 30 countries. Feel free to contact us.